Introducing Mechanisms to Deliver Housing Diversity in Preston


Oakover Village Housing Diversity Report




City of Darebin

Oakover Village is an identified urban renewal precinct in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Delivering housing diversity is a key objective within the precinct. This includes the need to deliver affordable housing, adaptable housing and housing mix that meets the needs of residents. Fifty percent of the land within the precinct is publicly owned and part of the state government’s Public Housing Renewal Program (PHRP). The program includes a blanket target across all sites to increase affordable housing by ten percent on existing numbers. Most of the public housing in Oakover Village has been demolished. Unlike many of the other PHRP sites, the public housing in Oakover was single-storey detached or semi-detached housing. The scale of new development will be in the order of six to eight-storey apartment buildings.

Vacant sites in the Oakover Precinct on which Public Housing has been incrementally demolished.

The Work We Are Doing

Hodyl + Co has been engaged to provide guidance on appropriate mechanisms to deliver housing diversity within Oakover Village that will support the establishment of an inclusive and diverse community.

The PHRP is a highly contested policy, surrounded by robust discussions over the introduction of private development partners and the appropriate quantum of affordable housing that should be delivered on public land. The current housing affordability crisis in Melbourne is impacting the most vulnerable members of our communities. Our approach provides guidance on both private and publicly owned land and encourages a more progressive, open-minded understanding of housing need over a life course.

Our work cuts through complicated ideological debate, to provide evidence to support critically needed practical solutions to one of the biggest moral challenges in our community.